Cake Passion Cafe Cafe Menu

All Day Breakfast and Lunch menu available at Cake Passion Cafe in Henderson!

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  • All Day Breakfast

    Start your day in style with our fabulous breakfast menu.

  • Mains

    Try our wide range of delicious mains, made from scratch, and served all day long.

  • Salads

    A delivious and healthy range of salads.

  • Burgers

    Fresh, succulent gourmet burgers bursting with flavour and goodness.

  • Sides

    Arm your main with the perfect side, or order a side just alone as a snack.

  • Gourmet Pies

    A hearty snack or lunchtime treat with tasty pastry and a range of gourmet fillings.

  • Toasted Sandwich

    There's nothing like a toasted sandwich, whether it's a quick snack or an elaborate lunch.

  • Fried Chicken

    Moist and crispy fried chicken for that perfect snack or lunch meal + fries.